Welcome Zetta Bowles, Psy.D.

Tri-Area Community Health is excited to announce an addition to our Behavioral Health Team. Dr. Zetta Bowles will be working in our Floyd office and is currently accepting patient referrals from Tri-Area providers.

Dr. Bowles is a licensed Clinical Psychologist from Greenbrier County, West Virginia. She attended Berea College for her undergraduate work in psychology and women’s studies. She has a Masters Degree from East Carolina University and a Doctorate from Radford University. Trained as a generalist, she has experience in a variety of settings including two psychiatric hospitals, a homeless shelter, a domestic violence center, two college counseling centers, a nursing home, and several outpatient clinics. Striving to have both deep roots in her cultural identity and an open mind that welcomes diversity and innovation, Zetta is passionate about Appalachian values and social justice. In her work, she works hard to create a safe, therapeutic space for all her clients and especially for those folks who feel they struggle to “fit” into traditional rural roles – including LGBTQ+, religious/ethnic/racial minorities.

Zetta lives in Patrick County with her husband, a vivacious kiddo, two yellow dogs, and an persistent stray cat who insisted on becoming part of the family. She enjoys gardening, cooking, nature, keeping chickens, knitting, music, books, nerdy podcasts, planning parties, sewing, and all sorts of messy crafting. Her name rhymes with “Jetta” although she won’t be mad if you don’t get it quite right.