Scavenger Hunt

Join Tri Area in a social media scavenger hunt! As part of our Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month activities, we have placed three messages of hope within a few miles of each of our clinics. We’d like to challenge you to find them and compete for a prize. A $25 Amazon gift card will be awarded to 3 participants.

How do I Play?

1. Be on the lookout for any of the signs in your community starting today, September 16th,
2. When you find a sign, take a selfie with it and post it on your account using the hashtag handle #TriAreaCares
3. Try to find all the signs and post each of your finds on your account using the hashtag handle #TriAreaCares
4. Invite your friends and family to play along and feel free to add your own message of hope in your post!
Be sure to use the hashtag #TriAreaCares. Winners will be chosen from those using the hashtag.

Ready. Set. Go!