At Home Behavioral Health Resources

COVID-19 Specific information

PSB kids resource list for Coronavirus – Discussion for parents with links to free PBS video content on proper hand washing and sneeze techniques and rest.
Kids ask coronavirus questions with thoughtful answers Good resource for kids who would benefit from factual information.
But Why? Podcast for curious kids – Episode “Coronavirus For Kids, And The Science Of Soap”
Brains On. Episodes “Staying home: How social distancing helps fight coronavirus” and “Understanding coronavirus and how germs spread.”


Teaching handwashing to kids – simple song with instructions on thorough hand washing.

Mental Health for Kids
Cosmic kids yoga – “Owl and guard dog” anxiety discussion is linked here. Channel has lots of kids yoga videos that link to popular movies or kid friendly themes. Meditation skill building.
Alo Yoga kids playlist Yoga poses for kids (brave dino, puppy meditation,etc)
Howard Wigglebottom Courage – Gently Animated story of facing fears and having courage. “Its okay to be scared.” Channel has several videos addressing emotions.


For more activities and information, please visit our Behavioral Health Coronavirus Activity page